Theory of Constraints

I’m writing a series of notes on the “Theory of Constraints”, based on the “I’m not a bottleneck! I’m a free man!” sessions at XP2005 and SPA2005.

Why did I get interested in the Theory of Constraints?

  • It gives me a different perspective to look at systems and organisations
  • The Theory of Constraints is very simple. But the conclusions one can draw from it are often wonderfully counter-intuitive, yet very effective
  • It is a complementary tool to “Lean Thinking”: ToC tells you what to optimize, Lean tells you how to optimize. ToC focuses the system optimization effort where it has the most effect.
  • ToC is a whole-system method. Local optimisations often have detrimental global effects. ToC helps me look at the whole system and then take action at the local level (the bottleneck).

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