XP Days looking for sessions

Yes, it’s call for session season again.

XP Days Benelux are looking for sessions

XP Days London are looking for sessions

XP Day Germany is looking for sessions

Hosting a session at a conference is a great way to learn something about your chosen topic, about presenting, about ways to make a topic understandable and about yourself.

XP Day Benelux

I’m one of the organizers of XP Days Benelux, so I’d like to encourage you to propose a session for this conference.

We’re looking for lots of different sessions, to cater to a diverse audience. Some people claim they’ve been doing agile all their life; others have just heard about it and want to know more. Some people are interested in hardcore technical topics, some are more into management, others want to explore more of the “soft skills”. Some people want to explore the fringe, new ideas, others want to learn practical techniques that they can apply the next day at work.
If you haven’t organized a conference session before, there are plenty of friendly people who’ll help you prepare and present.

And best of all: Belgian hospitality, great food and fantastic beer. See you there!


Some guys have all the luck

June is Busy Busy Busy. No time to blog, no time to think.
In July I’ll do a bit of traveling to meet some agile people in Italy and Switzerland.

Villa Toeplitz in VareseI’ll be participating in the European Summer School on Agile Programming in the beautiful “Villa Toeplitz” in Varese, near Milan.

Matteo Vaccari at the Universit√† dell’Insubria organizes this 5 day course on Agile development.

I’ll be doing a session on agile planning, based on the XP Game.

This’ll also give me a chance to meet with the people from the Milan XP group. If you’re in the neighbourhood, let me know.


After a few days, I travel on to Geneva, to meet with Freddy Mallet from Hortis. I met Freddy and Jacques Couvreur (who just joined Hortis) at the French XP Days, where Hortis was one of the sponsors. Hortis uses agile methods and open source to better serve their customers.

Freddy and Jacques have invited me to present the “Toyota Way” in Geneva. Come to the seminar to learn how the most succesful manufacturer in the world manages. Discover how lean is like and unlike agile. Who wants to take a 5-10 year head start on their competitors and become the Toyota of IT?