XP Day Benelux 2007 – Register now

This year’s XP Days Benelux conference‘s program again offers a varied and international look at all things agile.

The conference has speakers from 9 countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, The United Kingdom, The United States and India.

The sessions cover areas such as

  • Technical topics: Test Driven Development, Testing complex distributed systems, security architecture and understanding code
  • Process topics: case studies from government and distributed projects, introductions to XP and other agile methods, the dangers of agile adoption, process improvement and retrospectives.
  • Customer and planning topics: the role of the product owner, agile requirements and interviewing techniques, scoping and release planning techniques
  • Organisation, team and individual topics: communication problems, organizational patterns, agile in your daily life and the concerns of senior management.

More about the sessions later. Register now to benefit from the early registration discount. At 300€ for two days, XP Days Benelux is extremely good value for money.

See you there!

XP Days Benelux is part of the ‘XP Days tour’ that also stops in London, Karlsruhe, Paris, New York and Manchester.