Announcing The Toyota Way series

I’ve got a few pages online about the Theory of Constraints session at XP2005. I’ll add some more, as Marc Evers has sent me some great pictures with the participants’ posters.

The session had two parts: a simulation that we use to let participants experience the Theory of Constraints and the 5 focusing steps; and a workshop where participants had to apply their Theory of Constraints knowledge.

The participants worked in small groups. One per group played the “customer”, whose system we wanted to understand and optimize. The others played the role of TOC consultants, applying the focusing steps to help their customer improve their throughput. I’ll put the three group’s posters online, with a discussion of the system and results. It was very rewarding to see how quickly everybody managed to apply these ideas and come up with some fresh approaches to problems the “customers” had been struggling with.

But that’s not what this entry is about. This entry is to announce the start of a new series to describes the results of the “Toyota Way” session at XP 2005 and Agile Open.

There! Now it’s announced to the world, I can’t not write it up. No more “Student syndrome”, exam’s up! 😉

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