Thinking for a Change at SPA 2006

Thinking for a Change at SPA 2006

spa2006logoMarc Evers and I will host a session on the Theory of Constraints’ “Thinking Processes” at the SPA 2006 conference.

ThinkingForAChangeThe session is, not coincidentally, called “Thinking for a Change”, after the Thinking Processes book by Lisa Scheinkopf, that introduced me to the subject.

We will introduce “current reality trees”, “transition trees” and “future reality trees” by applying them to real problems that participants bring to the session. We will be “learning by doing” by taking small steps: explain part of the technique, apply the technique, reflect, explain another part…

We don’t have the time to deal with the “Evaporating Cloud” technique during the session, but we will run a “birds of a feather” session about it. The previous entry contains an example of the use of the evaporating cloud. Expect more examples of the techniques in upcoming entries.

The conference takes place in St Neots, Bedfordshire, from 26 to 29 March.

Some of the interesting sessions of the conference:

See you there!

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