The Toyota Way at XP Days France


I will be presenting the Toyota Way session at the French XP Days in Paris, on 23 and 24 March.


This session will describe the 14 management principles and how they can be (and have been) applied to software development management.

I’ll be using a new presentation style, following some tips I got from Presentation Zen (link by Nico). The slides contain a lot less information (well, almost none), but they are cues to underline the story of the presentation. It’s a combination of the “Takahashi method” (but not so sparse) and the “Lessig method” (but not so rapid-fire).

I’ve already used this presentation technique once, together with Vera Peeters, to present “The Origins of Agile”. I thought it was fun, fast and contained some useful information. Come and see for yourself in Paris.

Tags: agile, lean, Toyota Way, XP Day

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