Scrum training in Belgium

Joseph PelrineJoseph Pelrine will be giving a SCRUM training course in Mechelen, Belgium on 4 and 5 October 2006.

If you want to know what SCRUM and agile are, there are few people better placed to answer all your questions… or, more likely, to raise a lot more questions, knowing Joseph :-).

Joseph practiced agile before it was called agile, a.o. working with Kent Beck on Smalltalk projects. Joseph’s involvement in Smalltalk and agile is no coincidence. Smalltalk and the smalltalk projects Kent Beck did (including C3) were a major influence on XP. With all this experience, Joseph is a master story-teller. If you not only want to know what SCRUM is, but also the why, how and the history behind it all, come to this course!

Joseph was one of the speakers at XP Day Benelux in 2003. Will he make another appearance at XP Days Benelux in 2006? Watch this space if you want to know.

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