David Anderson @ on December 10th

Agile ManagementDavid Anderson will talk about “Building a high trust culture in your software engineering organisation” on December 10th in Antwerpen, Belgium.

The Javapolis conference has provided the group with a BOF room.

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I’m looking forward to hear from and talk to David. I’m very interested in the application of the Theory of Constraints in agile software. Now, David is exploring a more Lean , Kanban based approach.

If you’re really ‘extreme’ you have to question everything, for example the value of a (large) backlog. According to lean principles, this is work in progress, inventory, waste. What David explains comes closer to a flow-based system. More about this at David’s Javapolis session.

But that’s NOT the topic of this talk. The topic is:

“If the essence of agile development is rooted in high levels of trust, how do you set about creating a high trust culture? When so much of what you and your team may have experienced in their career is based in an assumption of low levels of trust – contract negotiation, audit, finger pointing and blame, how do you set about reversing that and building a high trust culture?

What is trust? How do you build trust between individuals and is it possible to build trust between teams and across organizations? What are the benefits of high levels of trust? And why it is essential if your agile and Lean organization is to be “built to last”?”

Does your team or organisation have enough trust? If not, come to the session. I’ll post a summary after the session.

See you there.

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