Lean: it’s all about respect for people

A great post over on Evolving Excellence: It’s all about respect for people.

Lean without respect for people is LAME (Lean As Mistakenly Executed), a surefire way to fail. You can eliminate waste all you want, but without respect it isn’t worth anything. I’ve seen some “Lean” initiatives without this respect for customers, employees or partners. They were all abandoned quickly. This lean lame stuff doesn’t work!

In the story, the departments are asked to find ways to reduce accidents, not to reduce costs. Reducing insurance costs isn’t a very exciting goal. Reducing accidents, making life safer for your coworkers, is a worthwhile goal.

What are the goals of your project? Are they worthwhile? Are they exciting? If not, why are you pursuing those goals?

Are you Lean or Lame?

Respect. Another way to know you’re really lean/agile.

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