Things to do in Toronto

Seeing more of Toronto

Agile 2008 starts tomorrow and participants are trickling in. Meanwhile there’s some time left to see a bit of Toronto.


We headed for the Royal Ontario Museum, about half an hour’s walk North from the conference and visited exhibits about European history, totems, Egypt and Shanghai. Unfortunately, there’s no time left to visit the dinosaurs. We’ve really come for the “Darwin: the Evolution Revolution” exhibition, which retells Darwin’s life and work. There’s a lot of background information on the many panels. The text can be found on the American Museum of Natural History site.

Castle on the Hill

To mentally prepare for our “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Kanban” game, we visited Casa Loma. This 98-room castle is a folly built by entrepreneur Sir Henry Pellatt.The castle is a child’s dream come true, complete with secret passages, tunnels, turrets with crenellations and twee rooms outfitted in mock-European style. The library, conservatory and grounds are simply stunning.

One of Pellat’s ventures was the the first Canadian hydro-generating plant at Niagara Falls. Off to the waterfall, then!

And so it begins

That’s all (for now) for the touristy bits. In a few moments the conference sessions begin with a keynote by James Surowiecki author of “The Wisdom of Crowds”. This afternoon, we present Mirror Mirror.

More later.

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