Theory of Constraints simulation

Henrik MÃ¥rtensson has developed a simulator of a development team to demonstrate some Theory of Constraints concepts. And it’s in ruby too!

He’s written a series on the “Variance Trap“, where he demonstrates the effects of variance on systems throughput, using the “bead game” and the simulator.

There’s a whole series:

  1. The Variance Trap
  2. Flow-based prediction of throughput
  3. Statistical Fluctuations Game, introducing the simulator
  4. The effect of fluctuation size on completion time
  5. The effect of iteration size on completion time

Well worth reading!


New blog tool

I’ve finally switched. I’m using a real blogging tool.

This blog ran on my Wiki2Go wiki engine, with a few modifications. The main thing I missed was comments. Modifying the wiki to host a blog was easy. Adding comments (with all the spam nonsense) was a bit too much work.

I’ve tried to keep everyting compatible with the old blog (thanks to some mod_rewrite black magic). The only thing I couldn’t keep compatible was the RSS guid. I hope I don’t mess up your feeds too badly, some posts might appear twice.

Don’t hesitate to comment!