The XP Day Program. pt. 5

Testing. Coding. Testing. Coding.

Here are three more “technical” sessions for programmers and testers.

Emmanuel Gaillot and Christophe Thibaut show, in the form of a “Kata” exercise, how you can apply Test Driven Design in a functional language in their “Fugue about Paradigms and Functional Programming“. We’ve all seen TDD demos before, but this one is different in many ways. The particpants in the Paris Coding Dojo have developed several forms of programming exercises. In a Kata, the presenters solve a programming problem live, using TDD. The aim of the session is to take small, clear steps so that everyone in the audience understands how and why the presenters take each step. In this session, Emmanuel and Christophe will use the Haskell functional programming language instead of the more familiar object-oriented languages. It’s a great way to introduce an unfamiliar programming language. The session also raises the question if the functional programming paradigm leads us to solve problems differently.

Anko Tijman will present and discuss ways to “Build and Agile Test strategy“. Agile methods have done much to emphasize testing and bring it to the attention of developers. The gap between testers and developers has become smaller. Anko will tell us more about extending agility deeper into the testing profession.

Vera Peeters asks a controversial question: “Is JUnit overdesigned?“. Could it really be that a tool written by Mr Kent “You Aren’t Going to Need It!” Beck contains some stuff you don’t need? I’m shocked! How many of your unit testing framework features do you use? How much do you use of other frameworks’ features? What is the cost of frameworks, of reuse? When is it more effective and economical to write than to reuse? Discuss these and other burning questions in this workshop.