Je ne suis pas un goulot d’etranglement!

XP Day France 2007 pictures
Here are some pictures of the participants of the “A l’aide mon processus m’√©trangle” workshop. As there were only 3 “customers”, each had 8 or 9 ToC consultants to help them. ToC consultants are “cheaper by the dozen”…
TOC at XP day France group 3
TOC at XP day France group 2
TOC at XP day France group 1

Restaurant points

For lunch, we got tickets for the on site self-service restaurant. Each ticket was worth 20 points, which we could spend on food (entr√©e: 1.5 points, cheese: 2 points, main course: 12 points…) and drink. A planning game at lunch! The coolest part of it was the cashier at the check out: she helped the customers to get the most of their points: “you’ve only spent 16 points, you can get an extra drink or a dessert for that”.

Restaurant ticket