I’m an introvert. That means that I get tired in crowds, when talking to people, when presenting or hosting workshops.

Except at XP Days… I came back from XP Days Benelux and London full of energy.

Why is that?

More stories about both conferences later.


Toyota and the power of people

Kevin Meyer has an excellent blog entry “Toyota and the Power of People” over on Evolving Excellence.

If the Toyota Way has a bottleneck, it must be the time it takes to teach people to live the “Toyota Way”. If you grow quickly (and lose some of your top people), you will be constrained by the number of people you can bring up to the level that real lean requires.

Some more about the way Toyota trains people in future blog entries.


Dave Nicolette on the Nine Boxes


Dave Nicolette really nails the “9 boxes” interviewing technique, as presented in the “Where does it hurt?” session at XP Days Benelux.

The Solution Selling blog has commented on this entry.


The New Solution SellingIdeas, “memes” have virus-like behaviour. When you’ve been to an excellent conference or training or you have learned about some great idea, you want to infect others. Solution Selling is like that. Agile is like that. Bootcamp is like that.

The strength of Solution Selling is that this meme not only makes you want to spread it, but it gives you the tools to make it spread. Solution Selling sells itself, by sending its trainees into the world. I’m infected. By reading Dave’s entry you might get infected too.

If you want to become a better salesperson, analyst, developer attend a Solution Selling course. It will change the way you work. It could change your life.


Writing for a change

Okay, okay, I haven’t written a lot lately.

I haven’t been thinking a lot lately.

I have read a lot lately. I’m still thinking because of that.

I have done a lot lately. I’m still buzzing with energy because of that.

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Take your pick, take a fieldstone, any fieldstone. There should be enough stones right there to keep me building for a while