A l’aide! Mon processus m’étrangle!

Another visit to Paris!

My third visit to Paris this year. Two months ago I was at the excellent XP Days France. The first week of July I’ll be back to host the “A l’aide! Mon processus m’étrangle” (the French name of the “I’m not a bottleneck! I’m a free man!” session) at the Université du SI conference, organized by Octo Technology.

Portia and I host this simulation session, where participants learn about the Theory of Constraints, Lean and Agile by playing. Come and play with us on July 2nd and 3rd!

We will run a tryout of this session on June 30th, for the XP France group. Register on the wiki if you want to attend and experiment with the game. Thanks to our hosts Octo Technology and Patrice Petit for organizing this evening session.

We are busy writing up this session, so that you’ll be able to play this game at work and at home. More about that later.

See you there!