The Business Value Game: v1.1 released

Business Value Game v1.1

Thanks to the feedback and ideas playing v1.0, Vera and I have released an update of the Business Value Game.

What’s changed?

  • The session description contains more examples and explanation to fill in the iteration score sheet.
  • Some corrections to the text in the manual.
  • Client cards can be folded to stand up for extra clarity.
  • Rebalanced the process improvement cards to make process improvement more attractive.
  • Story cards are numbered to make it easier to see if all cards are available.
  • Pictures of the game being played, by Portia Tung.

There are no major changes, this is mostly fine-tuning of gameplay. We have lots of ideas for challenging prioritisation cases. To incorporate all those ideas we’ll have to make a 9 iteration version of the game.

Go out and play!

Do you want to learn about “Business Value”, prioritising your backlog, portfolio management and all the challenges that salespeople and account managers face daily? Do you want to experience the benefits of working with short iterations and releasing early? Do you want have fun while you learn? Download the Business Value Game, print the cards and organise your own game.

Creative Commons License The Business Value Game by Vera Peeters and Pascal Van Cauwenberghe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Belgium License.

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