Agile Tour Toronto

Summer in Toronto

CN Tower in TorontoI enjoyed Toronto very much last year, when attending Agile 2008. It has all the attributes of a big, vibrant city but also quiet parks and lakeside where it’s easy to relax.

The most striking thing about the city is its people: they seem very relaxed and easy going, they take the time to enjoy life, they serve Belgian beer and they stop for red traffic lights. Toronto’s inhabitants come from all over the world. The city is one big melting pot where people from all sortsd of backgrounds live and work together. Of course, I’ve only seen the city in summer. I wonder what the city looks like in winter.

Agile in Toronto

This fall, on October 20th, the Toronto Agile community organises their first Agile Tour Toronto. An energetic group of organisers ensures that this will be a day of fun, learning and meeting other people interested in everything Agile. When Gino Marckx is involved you can be sure that it willl look good, be well tought-out and be enjoyable. Gino is also one of the organisers of XP Days Benelux. He’s clearly applying the lessons we learned organising the XP Days. It’s great to see ideas spread. I’m looking forward to the Agile Tour Toronto retrospective results, so that we can learn more.

Go to Toronto

I won’t be able to be there, unfortunately. But you can! Why not send in a proposal for a session? The deadline is September 10th, but if you send in your ideas now you will benefit from feedback to improve your proposal.

If your company wants to connect with the local Agile community, why not sponsor the event? You’ll reach the smartest IT people in the area.

Have fun in Toronto!