XP Days London: 3 wishes

Portia has 3 wishes for XP Days London 2008. I second those wishes. Why?

1. David Stoughton’s opening keynote. I’ll explain why tomorrow.

2. Chris Matts’ keynote. Or a session, at the least. I attended Chris’ session on Real Options last year. I still have trouble explaining ‘Deciding at the latest responsible moment’. People think I’m crazy when I talk about it. I need help.

3. A closing. Doesn’t have to be a keynote. At XP Days Benelux we close each day with POOMPs (Participants Official One Minute Presentations), where participants get 60 seconds to talk about a session they attended, mirroring the 60 second presentations by the session organizers in the morning. This year, we also presented the results of a retrospective of the conference. Last year, participants presented Zen impressions of the conference. Saying goodbye can be fun! Participants to XP Days Benelux seem to like it.

So, that’s my three wishes gone. The Genie is back in the bottle.

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