Where do they come from?

Where do participants to XP Days Benelux come from?

Places are filling up nicely for the upcoming XP Days Benelux on 20-21 November. It looks like we’ll have another sold out conference.

The XP Days started as a local conference, to enable participants to get a taste of Agile without having to travel too far. We always attracted a good mix of local and foreign presenters. Local presenters bring stories that are recognisable to the audience. Foreign presenters bring in new ideas and techniques.

As you can see from the table, three quarters of the presenters are Belgian or Dutch. The other presenters come from 7 countries.

Belgium 24
The Netherlands 19
France 6
Finland 3
Great Britain 2
United States 1
Germany 1
Italy 1
Switzerland 1

The geographical distribution of participants is even more marked: 85% of all participants come from Belgium (45%) or The Netherlands (40%). The other participants come from the seven countries mentioned before, plus Sweden.

But where are the Luxemburgers?

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  • I think it would also be interesting to track the languages.
    We do have a lot of Belgium, how many of these speak Dutch and how many of these speak French.
    A lot of Belgium commercial conferences have the same problem as what we have, in that case the luxemburgers go to the french version. (Together with the french speaking Belgiums.)