Scrum simulation based on the XP Game

Scrum Simulation

I met Michael Sahota at Agile 2009. Gino Marckx, fellow Toronto agilist, recommended I talked with him.

Michael has created a Scrum simulation based on the XP Game. I regularly get asked if there’s a Scrum equivalent of the XP Game. I’m sure there must be, but this is the first one that I know of that’s published. If you know of any other published, free games let me know.

What I like is:

  • One hand drawn overview of the whole process and game. Portia does something similar when she plays the XP Game: one poster with a post-it figure moving from step to step as the team progresses through the game. The poster remains in the team workspace as a handy reminder of the process.
  • Making the backlog visible with a story board.
  • Changes are republished with a Creative Commons license.

Agile Tour Toronto

I had more discussions with Toronto agilists Peter Yu and Syrous Delavari from Intelliware. Gino, Michael and the guys from Intelliware organise Agile Tour Toronto on October 20th. I won’t be able to attend. If you’re in the neighbourhood of Toronto around then, don’t miss this event. It’s sure to be fun and interesting.