Agile Tour Besançon – Solve conflicts without compromise

Solve Conflicts without compromise

Solve conflicts without compromise

I’ll be hosting the “Solve conflicts without compromise” session at Agile Tour Besançon on October 6th, 2009. The session will be in French, so it’s called “Résolution des Conflits”.

In this tutorial participants learn to apply the “Evaporating Cloud” or “Conflict Resolution Diagram” on conflicts they bring to the session. We’re not going to bring about world peace or solve hunger. Not in 90 minutes, anyway. As it’s an Agile conference, the conflicts will be about bringing about change in teams and companies.

This session will also be run at XP Days Benelux on November 23-24. More about that later.

If people are interested, I can run this session at the Open Space of Scandinavian Agile on November 16th.

If you want to know more about the Theory of Constraints’ “Thinking Processes”, have a look at these books. I recommend “The Logical Thinking Process” by William H. Dettmer. It’s not a thin or light book, but the techniques are clearly explained and demonstrated.

Or you could come to one these sessions and solve a conflict.