I often wonder why...

So many companies I’ve worked with succeed in delivering products or services every day, even though it requires the coordination of thousands or even tens of thousands of people. They do it well enough that I’m suprised, annoyed and angry when they don’t deliver.

And yet they can’t manage to deliver simple IT projects taking a few months and requiring the coordination of only a few tens of people.

What am I missing?

2 comments to I often wonder why…

  • Pascal,

    A couple of months ago, Dale Emery wrote an article on this very topic. I suspect you’ll find in it what you may be missing.

    — Emmanuel.

  • Pascal,

    You are not alone ! I was asking myself a few days ago via twitter: “How to avoid your Big project to be a failure ? Don’t do big project, cut it into small pieces (project)”

    I’m also surprised on how the main causes of failure of projects are known and how much companies continue to follow the “same old” principles.

    I want to put my energy in this to help to change this,